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My name is Flavio Rump and I am a Swiss/American Entrepreneur and Angel Investor. I cofounded an E-Commerce company called DeinDeal.ch which got acquired in 2011. Since then I have worked with and backed entrepreneurs in the fields of life science, cryptocurrency and education.

In Fall 2017, I started asking myself why so much money was being invested into biomedical research, and why we haven’t found cures for things like Cancer, Alzheimers, Herpes and other diseases that affect much of mankind at some point of life.

This led me to start interviewing researchers, biotech CEOs, VCs, Pharmaceutical executives, doctors and other stakeholders to discover the biggest bottlenecks and opportunities in drug discovery.

How will we discover and design drugs and how will we treat patients in 2040?
What needs to happen so that we find the best possible drugs for patients at the lowest cost?

Bio2040.com is my attempt to explore and explain the largest shifts that will shape biomedical research and drug discovery in the next 20+ years.

Artificial Intelligence, Open Source Drug Discovery and CRISPR-Cas9 are some of the most exciting shifts that are happening in the space and we are taking a closer look.

If you are working on something exciting that is changing how this super exciting field works, please reach out!

You can email me at flavio.rump@gmail.com

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Flavio Rump