How the Gates Foundation is reshaping how science gets published with Ashley Farley

TL;DR Gates Open Research is a publishing & research platform for Gates Grantees They don’t editorialize and let scientists decide what is worthy of publication It is a living document with version control, meaning publications can be improved if new data becomes available in a transparent manner. An open peer review process makes sure it is scientifically sound while allowing for greater transparency for scientists [...]

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Translating Science from Academia and the Future of Medicine with Prof. Ernst Hafen – Part 2

This is the second part of an interview we had the chance to do with Prof. Ernst Hafen. The first part centers around how Citizen Science can shape drug discovery and his initiative Listen to the podcast here. TL;DR The birth of the Bio-Technopark Schlieren shows that if innovative entrepreneurs come together with great scientists, magic can happen. Big bottleneck in translating science from [...]

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TL;DR - a collaborative, open access platform to share scientific recipes. Scientific reproducibility is likely no worse than 30 years ago, but because of increased scrutiny and better technology now available, we are getting better at addressing it. In traditional peer review, reviewers don’t verify the working of protocols. But on, the community has a chance to directly run the protocol and confirm [...]

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How Citizen Science can Transform Drug Discovery with Ernst Hafen

This is part 1 of a longer interview with Prof. Ernst Hafen TL;DR Citizens can store their medical data on a not-for-profit service called The service is organized as a Swiss cooperative, owned by the members Patients can share their data on a case by case basis with doctors and clinical studies This could help reduce the time & money spent to recruit patients [...]

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Open Research in the Wild: How to get the most out it with Rachel Harding

TL;DR Doing open research and having an open lab notebook has many benefits Shortens delay of dissemination Builds trust between researchers Can start fruitful mentorship and collaborative efforts On the downside, there is a small chance of your work getting scooped Mostly applicable now in areas with smaller research communities Publishing in high-impact journal still matters, even for open research scientists Dr. Rachel Harding is [...]

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The Biggest Challenges in Cancer Research & How to Use ML to do Drug Discovery with Sarah Constantin

TL;DR Drug Discovery using machine learning is working and holds great promise Most cancer treatments are incredibly expensive and only extend life by a few months Cancer research started when in WWII it was discovered mustard gas could cause tumor regression Lack of diversity in approaches is one of the main bottlenecks A lot of friction between a researcher with a great idea and getting [...]

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Why 85% of health research is wasted with Paul Glasziou

TL;DR 85% of biomedical research is wasted 50% of it because it never gets published of the remaining, another 50% because publication is not complete and applicable of the remaining, another 50% because study includes fixable design flaws and lacks systematic review of literature Several initiatives underway to fix the issues, of technological and financial nature. Some funders achieve 98% publication rates. Technological tools assist [...]

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Github for Science with Marcio von Muhlen

In this podcast, we get to know Marcio von Muhlen, a biological engineer trained at MIT turned entrepreneur & product manager in Silicon Valley. He was working on cancer diagnostics through blood sampling and wanted to have better access to the work from other scientists in the field. Frustrated about having to pay for research articles, he recognized early on that we need a github for [...]

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What does bio2040 want to achieve? bio2040 is a podcast and blog created by entrepreneurs and scientists. Here you can Discover the biggest challenges in healthcare and drug discovery Meet the best cofounders, employers and candidates to tackle the challenges together What is the motivation behind bio2040? Disease is by far the largest cause of mortality and a large cause of suffering for most human [...]

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