How to Use Technology to Improve Research with Aleksandra Sokolowska

TL;DR Incentives are distorted Prestige through high impact journals is not pareto optimal. SEED is an interdisciplinary conference to tackle this problem through technology Attributing reputation to single observations & units of work instead of research paper could be a way forward Many interesting propositions exist to build alternative reputation systems Who is Aleksandra Sokolowska? Head of Research & Analytics Validity Labs Computational Scientist & [...]

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The Biggest Challenges in Cancer Research & How to Use ML to do Drug Discovery with Sarah Constantin

TL;DR Drug Discovery using machine learning is working and holds great promise Most cancer treatments are incredibly expensive and only extend life by a few months Cancer research started when in WWII it was discovered mustard gas could cause tumor regression Lack of diversity in approaches is one of the main bottlenecks A lot of friction between a researcher with a great idea and getting [...]

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Why 85% of health research is wasted with Paul Glasziou

TL;DR 85% of biomedical research is wasted 50% of it because it never gets published of the remaining, another 50% because publication is not complete and applicable of the remaining, another 50% because study includes fixable design flaws and lacks systematic review of literature Several initiatives underway to fix the issues, of technological and financial nature. Some funders achieve 98% publication rates. Technological tools assist [...]

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