//Github for Science with Marcio von Muhlen

Github for Science with Marcio von Muhlen

In this podcast, we get to know Marcio von Muhlen, a biological engineer trained at MIT turned entrepreneur & product manager in Silicon Valley.
He was working on cancer diagnostics through blood sampling and wanted to have better access to the work from other scientists in the field. Frustrated about having to pay for research articles, he recognized early on that we need a github for science and published a widely referenced article on it in 2011.
In this exciting episode we talk about
  • how the current publishing process is outdated
  • why we need a github for science
  • what has happened since he wrote the article in 2011 (e.g. PLOS & bioArxiv)
  • how publishing isn’t just for transmitting information but to signal status
  • how that leads to many negative side effects like p-hacking, positivity bias
  • what is still preventing us from having more open collaboration among scientists.
  • how we need to understand the incentives of all the stakeholders to make a change
  • lessons learned from working at Dropbox on how bottom up adoption can drive huge long-term change
  • efforts by the Gates Foundation and others to drive change through better technology and financial incentives
  • the problem of reproducibility in biology
  • the elegance of github and how it anyone can publish code and the crowd decides what matters instead of a committee.
  • how automation will make some research more ‘githubable’
  • How CRISPR and Blockchain will impact biology & health-care
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