//Why Bio2040.com?

Why Bio2040.com?

What does bio2040 want to achieve?

bio2040 is a podcast and blog created by entrepreneurs and scientists.

Here you can

  • Discover the biggest challenges in healthcare and drug discovery
  • Meet the best cofounders, employers and candidates to tackle the challenges together

What is the motivation behind bio2040?

Disease is by far the largest cause of mortality and a large cause of suffering for most human beings.

The world spends about 250 Billion dollar a year on biomedical research. And yet we still don’t really understand how nefarious diseases such as Alzheimer’s, depression and cancer start and render life miserable for people affected by them.

What are the biggest challenges and bottlenecks in biomedical research and drug discovery?

We are a group of entrepreneurs and scientists who want answers and are impatient to see better results.

bio2040 is our attempt to shed light on the biggest problems facing us in biomedical research and drug discovery. Then we feature scientists and entrepreneurs working on the most exciting technologies and business models tackling those problems.

What will biomedical research work like in 2040?

How is artificial intelligence changing diagnostics and therapeutics? What are the most exciting applications of CRISPR-Cas9? What are the most interesting open-source collaboration models changing the way drug discovery is being done?

Meet the people and technologies creating the future here on bio2040.com

And if you are one of them, please reach out!

Let’s solve and cure all human diseases by the end of 2100. Together.

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